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Jean and Leon Klatt

Leon's career involved the development of analytical chemistry instrumentation including the electronics, hardware, and the associated software for operation of the equipment and analysis of the data. Writing software has always been an interesting endeavor. The programs available from this web page resulted from data analysis and video production needs.

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Each program described and available from this website was written to solve a specific problem encountered by the author. The programs are 32 bit applications written in the C programming language using Microsoft Visual Studio. The programs have been used and tested with the Windows XP Home Edition and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) operating systems.

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before downloading and using any of the programs.

If you do not agree to any of the terms in this disclaimer, then do not download or install the software.

This software, and all accompanying files, data and materials, are available "AS IS" with no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied. Good data processing techniques states that any program should be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before using it in a critical application. The user assumes the entire risk of using the software. This disclaimer of warranty is an essential part of this agreement.

In no event shall the author, web hosting firm, or any intermediaries be liable for any consequential or punitive damages whatsoever related to the use of any of these programs.

Each file is thought to be free of malware at the time it was uploaded to the web hosting site. It is strongly recommended that the downloaded file be scanned by an up-to-date anti-virus/anti-spyware program before any action is taken regarding installation or use of the program(s).

Download Procedure

To download any of the programs right click on the button "Download Ö " using the "Save Target As Ö" option and select the desired save folder. Each file is a self extracting ZIP file. After the download completes click on the corresponding ZIP file to extract the file(s). The material included with each ZIP file is briefly described below.


HexDecimalFileDump.exe is a small program that outputs the initial portion of any file in hexadecimal format. Help is not available for this program. The Windows install/uninstall procedure is not implemented for this program. This program has been tested on the Windows XP Home Edition and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)operating system.

Open a DOS Console window to run the program. Use the DOS "dir" command to navigate to the folder containing the executable file and type the program name to start execution. Following the instructions displayed in the console window. If the file of interest is not located in the same folder as HexDecimalFileDump.exe, type the full pathname for the file. The text file is stored in the same folder as the source file with the HexDump.txt added to the file name.

To exit the console window type "Exit" after HexDecimalFileDump.exe terminates.

Included with the executable code are a screen shot of the output of a very small segment of a wave audio file and the text file generated by the program.


Files size ≈ 48 kByte

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Audio Wave Correction - Updated September 29, 2014

AudioWaveCorrection.exe is a Windows application that allows one to remove frequency components from an audio file saved in the wave format. Version 1.2.0 was completed in late September 2014. This version now accommodates *.wav files that have extra format bytes that may be used in a data compression algorithm. A *.wav file using uncompressed PCM format does not use this compression information; however, accommodation for the presence of these bytes must be provided to properly extract the raw audio information. When the processed audio file is saved by AudioWaveCorrection.exe these extra format bytes are included in the file.

Version 1.2.0 of AudioWaveCorrection.exe also improves the behavior of the Cancel button on many of the dialog boxes displayed by the program. AudioWaveCorrection.exe, version 1.2.0, was developed with Visual Studio 2013, Service Pack 3.

HTML Help was added to the program in an earlier version. A Windows installer/uninstaller continues to be implemented. The program is obtained by downloading the ZIP file using the link on this page. After extracting the files from the ZIP file AudioWaveCorrection.exe is installed by executing the "setup.exe" program and following the on-screen instructions.

General information about the wave audio file standard is available from Wikipedia.

The program uses the Fast Fourier Transform to determine the frequency components in the audio file. Information about the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm is available at Wikipedia.

The particular problem of interest involved removal of the fluorescent lamp hum from the audio track of a portion of the authorís grandsonís 4th birthday party. The two short audio segments illustrate the results of the noise removal process. These audio tracks are included in the ZIP file.

The Original Audio Track The Processed Audio Track

Extraction of the audio track from the video was accomplished with Virtual Dub, a freeware program; Virtual Dub was also used to insert the corrected audio track back into the original video clip. Instructions for the noise removal task are described in the file NoiseReductionNotes.pdf included in the file. Four screen shots from AudioWaveCorrection are included. BeforeAudioCalSqWave.jpg shows the left stereo channel in the lower window and a calculated 60 Hz square wave in the upper window. BeforeAudioFFTCalSqWave.jpg shows the frequency domain representation of the square wave in the upper window. BeforeAudioFFTLeftChannel.jpg shows the frequency domain representation of the left stereo channel. The similarity between the frequency domain representations of the calculated square wave and the noise in the left stereo channel should be noted. LeftChannelAfterFreqFilterApplied.jpg shows in the lower window the left stereo channel after application of a filtering scheme and the inverse Fourier transform; the corresponding frequency domain representation of the left stereo channel is shown in the upper window.


Files size ≈ 2.28 MByte

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FitLineWnd - Updated July 12, 2014

FitLineWnd originated from the need to provide statistically information for the calibration equation for a chemical measurement. FitLineWnd performs an equally weighted least-squares calculation for the function F(x) = a0 + a1x, i.e., a first-order polynomial. The original program was a 32-bit console application with limited capability; the Windows version provides much greater functionality, robust operation, and ease of use.

Fitting data to a first-order polynomial can be used in any situation were an observed quantity is thought to be related to some factor. Examples include determining if the cost of processing raw gas is linearly related to the fraction of liquids in the raw gas, if the maintenance cost of truck tractors is linearly related to the tractor age, and relating the response of a blood glucose analyzer to the amount of glucose in a standard sample. With an understanding of the statistical results of the analysis, the user determines if the data can be described by a first-order polynomial.

FitLineWnd.exe is a 32-bit Windows application. The program has been tested only on computers running the Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) operating system. FitLineWnd, version 1.2 was developed with Visual Studio 2013, Service Pack 3, and is an updated version of the original program FitLineWndVersion.

Date entry, editing, saving, analysis, plotting, and printing capabilities are implemented. A HTML Help feature is also implemented. Plots of the analysis result can be saved as a bit mapped image and/or printed. The results produced by the program have been validated with examples taken from Applied Regression Analysis, N. R. Draper and H. Smith, 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons, 1981.

The program is available in the file A Windows installer/uninstaller has been implemented; the program is installed by executing "FitLineWnd_Install_Setup.exe" and following the on-screen instructions. Included in the ZIP file are data files for the chemical calibration of an electron capture detector for the measurement of a chlorinated organic compound, steam used in a process as function of outdoor temperature, and cost of purifying gas as a function of the fraction of liquid in the raw gas. For each example the data file, the analysis result file, and a plot of the analysis result are included. The data sources and brief comments for each example are contained in the file CommentsOnExampleDataSets.pdf.


Files size ≈ 1.02 MByte

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